St. Louis Virtual Campus

Welcome to St. Louis Virtual Campus!

St. Louis Virtual Campus partners with St. Louis County school districts to provide an option for students who wish to access their learning virtually. We provide a robust, online learning experience led by high-quality teachers who work collaboratively to meet the unique needs of all students. St. Louis Virtual Campus launched in August 2022 with a high-quality online learning experience for students in grades K-5.

St. Louis Virtual Campus has also developed a course catalog of specialized courses for high school students for the 2023-2024 school year.

Why Virtual

    • Students will encounter virtual learning in their future, so virtual courses provide opportunities to build their skill set

    • Student needs vary, and virtual learning offers students opportunities to learn in a way that works best for them

    • Virtual learning offers opportunities for flexibility to access specialized courses and programs

    • Virtual learning expands access for students

Why St. Louis Virtual Campus

    • Ensure high quality virtual learning experiences for St. Louis County students

    • Scale programming to ensure diverse course offerings

    • Retain local connection for synchronous learning and in-person opportunities

    • Design a sustainable financial model that keeps local dollars in the area

    • Partner with SSD for a viable option for students receiving special education services